Mike Russell CopywriterI help marketing leaders at online fraud prevention companies to convert prospects with case studies, white papers and industry articles. Because I’m familiar with the industry’s trends, taboos and terminology, I’m more effective and efficient than other senior writers.

Why have I chosen to focus on online fraud prevention? Maybe I’m settling a score from my school days when I felt like cheaters did in fact prosper. Maybe today I can’t stand the idea of others profiting from my identity or preying on the unsuspecting. Maybe I find the work enthralling, and truly believe that it makes a difference.

Without a doubt, my clients praise me for my writing, professionalism, creativity and strategic thinking. For me, it satisfies my need to do meaningful work. For them, it cements their rainmaker status around the office.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope you’ll reach out.
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