How to Write a Professional Bio – 2 – Realtor

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Learning how to write a professional bio doesn’t have to be difficult. The writing tips in this post will give you more ideas to build on part one’s advice.

Each profession has its own challenges in writing a bio that engages its target audience. Below, it’s selling the intangible nature of the home-buying experience.

Nevertheless, all professional bios must answer the basic question; “What sets you apart from your colleagues and competition?” Readers want to ‘meet’ some of the person cloaked in the professional exterior.

Expressing pithy, relevant beliefs can do the job.
Take a look at this short professional bio, “before” and “after” I worked on it.

(before) Dan Taylor, realtor/eco-design consultant with Realtors with Roots. (1) In addition to offering sound real estate services, Dan brings a broad awareness (2) of sustainable design and living to his practice. He thrives on making connections that help clients live in alignment with their values (3), while supporting our local community and economy. (4) Realtors with Roots is a Blue Works Certified business, and Dan is an Earth Advantage S.T.A.R. (5) certified Realtor. (6)

(after) Dan Taylor at Realtors with Roots believes sustainable living starts in the home, and healthy, eco-friendly living spaces foster neighborhood character and community. (7) Beyond grounded real estate services, Dan will also help you live more comfortably by refining your home’s performance. (8) Contact Dan today to learn how your next realty decision can enhance the place you call home. (9)

    1. A bland description squanders the opportunity to grab attention in the first sentence.


    1. What does ‘broad awareness’ really mean? Generalities are tempting in such a short piece; there is little space, and much to say. Nevertheless, specific, confident statements have a greater, lasting impact. See 7 and 8 below.


    1. See above. This sentence says a lot without meaning much.


    1. Supporting local economies is important, but the vagueness of this phrase robs it of meaning. Readers want to know how Dan’s work supports the local community.


    1. These certifications may be relevant to other realtors, but the general public may have no idea what they mean. This ambiguity may weaken the bio’s goal of identifying Dan as a professional.


    1. ‘Realtor’ is neither a name, nor a title: it cannot be capitalized.


    1. Starting with a declaration of belief establishes Dan’s position. Readers know where he stands and what they can expect from him. This fosters the feeling that readers know a little about the person behind the bio.


    1. Offering a specific promise limits the bio’s message, but it also makes Dan more memorable. Better to be remembered for one specific quality or belief than forgotten in a cloud of generalities.


    1. Ending with a specific call to action -and an implicit promise- may help Dan get on the short list of a potential customer.


With so much potential for vague writing on the internet, it’s very important to convey confidence. Definitive statements plant a promise in the reader’s mind and enhance the chance that you’ll get to deliver on your claim.

Does your professional bio make a specific promise, or set up an expectation in your target reader’s mind? If so, what is it, and how do you do it? Please share in the comments.

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