Mike Russell CopywriterI help marketing leaders at online fraud prevention companies to generate leads, ignite sales conversations, and convert prospects with case studies, white papers and industry articles. And I love doing it.

From an early age, I was the kid who enjoyed writing book reports and playing chess. That didn’t score points on the playground, but it did set me up as a lifelong learner, strong writer and strategic thinker. Since 2008, I’ve applied that skillset and attitude for succinct, persuasive writing that exceeds my clients’ expectations and nails our readers’ needs.

My clients praise me for my writing, professionalism, creativity and strategic thinking. For them, it secures their rock-star status around the office. For me, it satisfies my need to do meaningful work.

Why online fraud prevention? Fraudsters drag down the digital economy and threaten our safety. As a creator and constructive world citizen, I can’t stand the idea of people pirating my work or using my identity for their gain. Working in this complex space with other passionate professionals feels relevant and fulfills me – the perfect blend to stay curious and inspired.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, and if you think that we’d work well together, I hope you’ll reach out.

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