He’s a talented writer who handles interviews with ease

In a short period of time, Mike Russell has become a key contributing writer to our marketing team. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him on projects including a company video, a white paper, data sheets and a ghost-written article. In each instance, he has proven to be a talented writer who conducts thorough research, handles interviews with professionalism and ease, and delivers copy that is bright, on point and on time. Mike takes an active part in the content development process, too. You can always count on him to contribute ideas that serve both the piece and the company. I look forward to working with him long-term—if he doesn’t get snatched up by other clients!

Cristine HallSenior Content EditorCyberScout

I recommend him without reservation…

Before I begin working with a new writer, I’m always on alert. Will the writing be good enough? Will the writer be able to adapt to the piece, the audience and the project’s circumstances? Will the writer listen, really listen, and translate what he hears into his writing?

Now that I’ve worked with Mike on a number of projects –from brochures to value briefs to white papers- I know I have nothing to worry about. We’ve established a solid working relationship for each piece, from setting strategy through drafting to revisions (which are always minimal).

Over the course of our collaboration, Mike has consistently delivered high-quality work on time. Thanks to his knowledge of our company, audience and industry, each of his drafts have been closely aligned with our goals and messaging.

I’m pretty careful with whom I refer to colleagues. I really want to be sure that my references will hit the ground running and deliver immediate value. Mike does. I recommend him without reservation…

…as long as he doesn’t get too busy to work for me!

Lance HoodChief Marketing OfficerTRUSTID

Balances big-picture thinking with the underlying details.

After several successful projects in quick succession, I think of Mike as a trusted member of our marketing team. I listened in on his first few client calls, and now I’m 100% confident that Mike will conduct his interviews in a way that represents us professionally while getting at the heart of what he needs to produce great work.

His high competence with interviewing clients seems like a natural skill, and sets the foundation for an excellent piece delivered on time, whether that be a case study, an industry report, or content for our website. As a bonus, Mike has freely shared strategic-minded suggestions that reflect an invested attitude in our long-term success.

If you need a content marketer who balances big-picture thinking with the underlying details, and do it with a smile, you should definitely reach out to Mike.

Connie GouglerDirector of Marketingiovation

His writing is extremely effective for driving conversions.

We’ve had great success working with Mike on several web design projects. The TrustVesta.com website design was no exception. Mike brings a strategic perspective that is extremely valuable to the design process. He is self-directed and easy to work with. His writing always presents complicated products and services in a way that is easy to understand, and extremely effective for driving conversions.

John GentleFounder, Creative Director and CXORoboboogie

Solid copywriting and big-picture thinking.

I’ve now worked with Mike on two occasions – refreshing our website’s marketing copy and updating a case study – and remain impressed. He demonstrates great attention to detail, organization, communication, and an ability to quickly understand and explain our technical offering.

On both projects, I needed someone who could run with my instructions, take a collaborative attitude, and deliver near-final drafts on time. Mike did so. On top of all that, he regularly offered relevant suggestions and insights that reflected big-picture thinking.

I would highly recommend Mike to marketing managers of technology companies who could use not just solid copywriting, but another strategic thinker on their side.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.

Damon KnightSenior Marketing & Communications ManagerDigimarc Corporation

Mike is not only an excellent copywriter, he is a very effective instructor.

When our marketing team was looking for some inspiration and coaching on effective b2b copy writing, I contacted Mike. He put together a custom workshop for our diverse worldwide marketing team, full of helpful exercises. In just 90 minutes we covered tips to get content flowing, writing with a distinct voice and personality, and a variety of approaches to capturing the attention of your prospect. His session was one of the highlights of our 3-day summit. Great job Mike, and thanks!

Suzanne BalterVice President of Global MarketingNetop Business Solutions A/S

Mike has my back and makes me look good.

In the past, I’ve had several service providers where I’d need to explain and micro-manage everything I was trying to offload. It completely negated the benefits of outsourcing.

Because Mike has good experience with technology, I don’t have to handhold. I can throw tasks to him and I just know that I’ll get a finished product back that only needs a bit of editing.

I feel like Mike has my back. He gives relevant suggestions based on my business’s state to ensure that I’ve got all my bases covered. With his help and guidance, I can show up to company meetings with a new idea and then get it done with his assistance. That kind of thing is helpful. It makes me look good.

Dan GuidoCo-Founder & CEOTrail of Bits

Our application development firm prides itself on providing professional service while still being friendly and easy to work with. We target a specialty niche that is very difficult for the average person to understand. We hired Mike to create copy for the most important page on our site, our services page. Mike was adroit in drilling down to the core value we provide our clients and crafted a compelling message that perfectly fits our brand. We were impressed with the result and would highly recommend him to others in the tech industry.

John HooleyOwnerBlue Bridge Development

I thoroughly enjoy getting to work with Mike on content projects for PixelSpoke clients. I really appreciate his entrepreneurial enthusiasm for his clients as well as his own business.

Mike wants his clients to succeed in the broadest sense of the word, and asks key questions to provide valuable business insights. These insights improve the specific project he’s working on, and also help improve his clients’ businesses overall. Here’s to many more projects!

Catriona BuhayarDirector of TechnologyPixelSpoke

Mike is an extremely talented, and versatile writer. He has the ability to transform complicated subject material into clear and compelling copy. Not only did he meet each deadline, but communication between multiple parties was always on point. Given the opportunity, I would absolutely work with Mike again and highly recommend him without any reservations.

Dannica HuttonProject ManagerForix

I had the pleasure of working with Mike on several projects over the last year and he delivered compelling copy on time and within budget. He is a joy to work with, as he is a diligent project manager and consummate writer. I highly recommend him.

Jasmine PaulClient ManagerMadFish SEO

Mike has been extremely helpful to us, whether it was adding new copy to our website or even editing a script for a video we shot. He’s always been very responsive to our needs/deadlines and works with us to find the best approach, as opposed to just pushing his ideas. I think what I like the most, though is the extra time he takes to understand us and our company, so that he can better help us find the words we are trying to convey. He’s helped us on numerous projects the last few years; we’ve even recommended him to some of our clients who were seeking a content marketer.

Annie CocchiaInteraction DesignerPlanet Argon

Mike has been working with us for several months now and our whole team is consistently impressed by him. His quality of work is always to a high standard, he is responsive and punctual and Mike never makes a problem of the fact that we are on different time zones. He is empathetic to the needs and culture of our business and often volunteers to take ownership of tasks that other Writers might see as outside of their responsibility.

Millie JocelynHead of Sales & Channel PartnershipsShowcase & Stun

I was impressed with Mike’s use of our common language. He made our website more personal, and that’s great. TRUSTID has a complex story to tell, and Mike nailed it and made it easy to understand. We will be doing more with Mike in the future. Thanks again, and great work!

Patrick CoxChairman and CEOTRUSTID, Inc.

I’ve worked with Mike on several profile articles of student and alumni. He knew –and delivered — exactly what we needed. His rapport with the interview subjects produced engaging, authentic stories; he submitted those stories before the deadline; and he graciously accepted my minor edits. Mike’s a thorough professional and a pleasure to work with.

Tina OwenEditorial DirectorWillamette University

Working with Mike is an absolute pleasure. The website we worked on together was in need of a complete rewrite and restructuring of content. Mike stepped in and made this an incredibly easy project to work on. Throughout the project he had a very collaborative attitude and made sure I was able to give input and feedback where needed. He also made the collaboration much easier by clearly communicating and quickly responding to any issues and questions I had. Best of all, Mike is merciless on deadlines – he made sure I had what I needed, when I needed so we could end up with a solid website in a normal timeframe.

Sean CarmackTechnical Project ManagerForix Web Design

Aside from being a true words craftsman, Mike is intelligent and commercially savvy; he understands business, tech and all things web, so for that reason, you get more than just a copy writer. Mike can quickly translate what you want to say into copy that sells. He has that sharp knack of creating messages that gently take your prospect into a ready-to-buy state of complete confidence. Our team loves working with Mike because he does what he says he will do, and on top of all that, he’s a gentleman. You can’t use that term very frequently nowadays.

Adam BlackwellVP of MarketingShowcase Software Ltd.

I hired Mike to write copy for a website overhaul project. The company’s needs were somewhat complex and the topic required quite a bit of ramp-up. Mike “got it” quickly and stayed on top of details throughout the process. He was extremely responsive to scheduling needs and very open to feedback. He was a great collaborator and worked in lock-step with me, which I appreciate because I like to get into the copy-writing process myself. Perhaps most impressively, Mike did all of the above while maintaining a high energy level and positive attitude throughout an extensive project. He is very professional and enjoyable to work with and his brain is an excellent asset to have on a project.

Genevieve MargherioOwner, Creative DirectorRed Lemon Creative, Inc.

It’s been a great experience to work with Mike. His writing is extremely thorough and he really gets “under the hood” of a brand to understand the right way to articulate the tone, message, and ethos that will resonate with the target audience. His communication during a project is proactive and timely, and you can immediately feel a sense of integrity that guides every aspect of his work.

Dave DyerManaging Partner and Chief StrategistManifesto

We came to Mike with a collection of existing marketing materials, a budget, and a naive idea of how this process would work. Mike questioned our motivations, got us to step back and look at our copy from a different perspective that we historically hadn’t been accounting for.

Not only did he provide us new copy for these marketing pieces, but he enabled us to feel comfortable exploring some of these pieces on our own in the future, which was a nice value add. Now when we hit an area that we need expert help with, we know that we can lean on Mike to assist.

Robby RussellChief Evangelist, PartnerPlanet Argon

Although Mike had no experience with my profession or industry, through a series of interviews and meetings with me, he was able to get a good grasp on my unique value proposition, and he helped craft a message which describes my work to existing and potential clients in a way that represents me well and articulates my mission, vision and services in a creative yet easy to understand way.

Thomas FumarelliExecutive CoachFumarelli Associates

Mike was great to work with. He not only wrote well thought-out copy for my client, but was able to manage the client during the copywriting phase as well. As a project manager, having a service provider that is communicative, on time, and good with clients is invaluable, and Mike is all those things.

John DursoProject ManagerGravitate Design Studio

Mike is the writer you want to hire for your next project. His command of language make for effective communications, particularly for sales and marketing literature and web content development. Mike is always on time, on budget and right on scope – he has met or beaten every deadline we have worked towards. Mike is a great listener and shows a level of empathy that helps him fully understand the nature of the communications challenge. He asks powerful questions that help him sift through the noise and get to the heart of the message. He is able to bring a different point of view to the discussion in a constructive, collaborative way. Mike is definitely someone you want to work with – smart, personable and skilled. I look forward to working with him more in the future.

Carlo DelumpaPrincipalHive, Inc.

Mike provided just what we needed in a very short timeframe. I appreciated how efficient he was with the project, and how communicative he was throughout. In addition, he demonstrated a good sense of the importance of writing with the audience in mind (in this case for readers of a business website). I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Hannah FerberAccount ManagerPixelSpoke Web Design

I am blown away. Mike is seriously one of the best copywriters I have ever encountered.

Brian TaylorOwner & VP of Business DevelopmentForix Web Design

Some writers know how to skillfully craft sentences, but what takes the art of writing to the next level is someone who is an excellent communicator. Someone who listens avidly, suggests ideas, clarifies understanding, and follows up with questions—all to ensure the messaging precisely right in precisely the format and timeframe the client expects.

Mike is all this and more. With the abundance of self-proclaimed writers in the market, it’s surprisingly challenging to find outstanding writers to work with. Mike is skillful and reliable, as well as personable and responsive. I’m grateful to have connected with him on my professional path, and hope to collaborate on creating excellent messaging to support clients to come.

Gail CzyszczonWriter and OwnerZ3 Writing

Since meeting Mike in 2009, I have hired him for several projects, including two annual magazines and a faculty profile project. Throughout the process, Mike demonstrated professionalism, creativity and skill and met all assigned deadlines. Timely, responsive and detail-oriented are all words I would use to describe Mike’s work.

For our annual Willamette MBA magazine, “Directions,” Mike worked on several articles from conception to completion and took the initiative to thoroughly interview each subject. He required little direction and the end result was of high quality and superior caliber.

The faculty profile project involved organizing, interviewing and writing about eleven different members of the Willamette MBA faculty. Not only did Mike acquire information for each person interviewed, his written descriptions and biographies capture each person’s personality and unique style. That’s the mark of a good interviewer and writer – no easy task.

Russell YostDirector of MarketingAtkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University

I’ve now hired Mike on three separate occasions and each time he’s epitomized how I’d like every relationship of this kind to unfold.

Darcy WinslowFounderDesigns for a Sustainable World

Mike improved some of our marketing communications and worked his magic with a rewrite. The improved versions were snappier, more inviting and a vast improvement. He is a consummate professional, easy to work with and does outstanding work. I am a good writer but Mike’s service saves us time and allows us to focus on our core strengths helping us be of better service to our clients and in the end, more profitable.

Mike is not simply defined by his excellent writing, but his way of realizing a vision. We’ve worked closely on a number of projects, and each time he has produced a story that is fresh, interesting, and uniquely targeted at our public relations goals. He has an uncanny ability to find what makes a story special and create a sense of humanity in 500 words or less. Mike’s communication, planning, and project management allow me to keep hand-holding or editing to minimum. Mike is simply a great listener, very intuitive, and adept at aligning with marketing goals.

Loren Guerriero, Community Outreach CoordinatorMercy Corps NW

Mike was very prompt when we needed a large project done quickly. Because he did a good job asking questions throughout the project, we knew what we could expect early on. That’s a very smart way to manage expectations, and ensure a quality product. I will certainly bring up Mike’s name in the future.

Monica Santi, Senior Marketing ConsultantAMP Marketing & Communications

I hired Michael with a looming deadline to produce a multitude of short articles covering several different industries. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the articles prior to deadline and I didn’t have any major edit requests. His writing was insightful, spot on, and within specified parameters. I will definitely work with Michael in the future and recommend him to others.

Cory Roletto, Partner/CEOWEO Media

I highly recommend Mike for your copywriting and editing, particularly if you want your marketing copy to sound less corporate and more human.

Peter KorchnakFounderGood Bookery

Mike has the special ability of taking highly complex topics and distilling it into a very beautiful story. He truly is gifted in the art of written communication. As an entrepreneur, I am often “all over the place” and when I had the recent opportunity to be “interviewed” by Mike for a piece of editorial, I was completely amazed by the end-product. Mike had successfully and succinctly (tough for someone verbose as I am) help us tell our story. He is incredibly adept at active listening and thus makes his clients feel at ease. I recommend Mike and his services without reservations.

Chi Nguyen-Ventura, MBAFounder & CEOAutoMedic, Inc