Connie Gougler

Balances big-picture thinking with the underlying details.

After several successful projects in quick succession, I think of Mike as a trusted member of our marketing team. I listened in on his first few client calls, and now I’m 100% confident that Mike will conduct his interviews in a way that represents us professionally while getting at the heart of what he needs to produce great work.

His high competence with interviewing clients seems like a natural skill, and sets the foundation for an excellent piece delivered on time, whether that be a case study, an industry report, or content for our website. As a bonus, Mike has freely shared strategic-minded suggestions that reflect an invested attitude in our long-term success.

If you need a content marketer who balances big-picture thinking with the underlying details, and do it with a smile, you should definitely reach out to Mike.

Connie GouglerDirector of Marketingiovation