Company Overview

About Response Capture, Inc.

Response Capture supports top marketers with account-based marketing initiatives by generating sales-ready leads.

We’ve moved past the whole ‘inbound vs. outbound’ debate, and prefer to focus on the essential question: “What is relevant to your prospects right now?”

Time and again, we have helped our clients tackle this question, and, by answering it, we consistently deliver sales-ready leads.

The heyday of ‘spray and pray’ marketing has ended. To generate sales-ready leads, top marketers must refine their lists, their approach, and their timing.

That’s where Response Capture excels.

  • Build Your Target-Account List
  • Create Content Relevant to Your Target Accounts
  • Generate Demand from Your Target Accounts
  • Automate Your Marketing Efforts

Whether your marketing system needs a complete overhaul or just a little refinement, we strive to beat your identified benchmark by at least 20%. Contact us to reduce your cost per lead, boost your conversion rates, and increase your sales-ready leads.