Sustainable Enterprise Certificate

Program Overview.

The Sustainable Enterprise Certificate will expand your confidence and critical thinking skills to guide the ‘sustainability conversation’ beyond theory toward action. With fresh energy and a fresh perspective, you’ll learn to identify and influence the most effective leverage points in complex, strategic systems.

You’ll couple theory with application, an open mind with a new paradigm, and clear planning with data-driven decision making. You’ll make immediate, positive and lasting impacts in your community, organization and career.

Boldly. Confidently. Ethically.

Transform your perspective of what’s possible.

Cultivate your leadership capacity.

Catalyze real change.

An Original Approach.

The Sustainable Enterprise Certificate program takes a unique approach to the intersection of social well-being, financial integrity, and environmental health. First, you’ll focus on the dynamics of complex systems. Then, you’ll examine how the expansion of social well-being ties directly to economic and environmental prosperity. To complete the three-session program, you’ll integrate your learning into a detailed action plan aligned with your professional goals.

A Flexible Environment.

With the working professional in mind, the SEC’s structure will empower you with the confidence and critical thinking skills to act immediately on your daily work. Then, return to the next session with new questions and insight for world-class instructors and an engaged cohort of professional peers. Together, you’ll expand your perspective, leadership capacity, and professional growth.

A Transformative Opportunity.

Step outside the bounds of traditional thinking with Willamette University’s Sustainable Enterprise Certificate.