A simple process:

  1. You tell me about yourself. You’ll complete a brief questionnaire before we have a short phone call to isolate the unique elements of your story.
  2. I’ll take care of the rest. Within two weeks of sending payment, you’ll receive the first draft of your own professionally written bio. You’ll have the chance to review, edit, and approve the final draft of your bio.
  3. Start leveraging your professional story. You’ll receive three different versions of your bio -long, medium, and short- for every possible use: LinkedIn, your company’s About page, social media, etc.

It’s that easy!

Mike has a unique ability to apply scientific brand management principles to the art of drafting a personal bio.

Medo Eldin, MBA, MS, MA, Digital Media EntrepreneurMedoEldin.com

You nailed it, Mike. I love my new bio. It achieves all of the goals we were striving for. It’s professional, personal and conveys my expertise.

Independent PsychotherapistLarry Borins

I was just offered the VP position of our company! Your Professional Bio really helped me project myself past the pack of candidates. I had many interviews with different people and always was credited with a great bio.

Mike Panoske, VP of OperationsGypsum Supply Co

Read sample bios:

Order your bio now for only $297.00.

Before they ever contact you, what steps do your prospects take?

Maybe they’ve heard about you from a colleague. Maybe they’ve been following your blog. Or maybe they found you through the search engines.

Today, You May Be Making Your All-Important First Impression Before You Ever Connect Personally.

Your ideal prospects want to learn about you before contacting you. They want to know if you’re the person for the job, if you’re someone they can get along with, and if you have the experience they need.

How are you making that first impression?

  • With a smattering of activity on LinkedIn?
  • Through the occasional blog post on your company’s site?
  • Via a Twitter feed full of personal banter?

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation With An Engaging, Persuasive, And Professionally Written Bio.

It’s easy when you make an appointment with me, M!ke Russell, a professional bio writer. With your input, participation and approval, I’ll craft your professional story into a compelling first impression that will boost your business, reputation and client relationships.

  • You’ll get one-on-one access to an accomplished writer who will become invested in your success and offer an outsider’s perspective on how to nurture your business.
  • You’ll side-step the frustration of writer’s block and go straight to the professional bio that has been eluding you.
  • You’ll enjoy the process of sharing your goals and reflecting on your path. You may even come away with more insight about your business.

Trade A ‘Ho-Hum’ Bio For ‘Hello! How Can I Help You?’ Faster.

You have something valuable to offer your prospects. Your current, delighted customers are proof. You just need to attract your prospects’ attention and start them down your sales funnel. That’s why I DON’T simply summarize career experience, credentials, and certifications in a tired, traditional way. I’m convinced that the best results, the most durable change, and the greatest common good all emerge when your authentic, professional story aligns with your prospects’ genuine needs.

Together, we’ll work to identify your core audience, promote your offering, define why it matters, and add the secret ingredients that will magnetize your prospects. The bios I deliver are full of personality, authenticity, your alluring results, and a compelling call to action to meet your prospects’ specific needs.

After reading your bio, your ideal clients will get to know, like, and trust you faster. Above all, they will be compelled to contact you for help. Your business blooms because of your professional story.

Before contacting me, review your current bio. How well does it align with your core audience, your offering, and the secret ingredients that make it easier for your prospects to reach out and connect? If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

But if there’s room for improvement, connect with me to leverage your professional story and attract your desired results. Just know that this will be a collaboration. You’re the world’s foremost expert on the subject: you. I’m here to help uncover the angle that will attract your ideal customers, and cultivate more of the business that you want.

It’s an easy process.

  • We’ll schedule a 30-minute phone interview to discuss your story. You’ll receive a questionnaire to help you consider and share what sets you apart.
  • Along with your answers to your questionnaire, you’ll send me your background materials (i.e. resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.)
  • We’ll discuss your story in a LIVE, 30-minute discovery interview.
  • Within two weeks of receiving your payment, I’ll send you the first draft of your ‘long’ bio (250-300 words).
  • We’ll collaborate on two rounds of revisions to get it just right.
  • Once we’ve dialed in that long version, I’ll boil it down into a ‘medium’ (100-150 words), and ‘short’ (two-sentences) version. That covers most uses for About pages, LinkedIn profile, bylines for blogs, etc.
  • You post your revitalized bio across the Internet: LinkedIn, your company’s website, your About.me page, your social media profiles. You start attracting your ideal customers.

This service is for you if…

…You can clearly define whom you serve, what you offer them, and what sets your offering apart. Clarifying these essential elements will greatly improve the results of your professional bio.
…You understand that ‘you get out what you put in.’ If you focus your thoughts and answers on your worksheets, you will get what you need. Conversely, scattered thoughts will produce a scattered bio.
…You are ready to commit to this short project. If you want it off your to-do list, let’s get started!

Ready leverage your professional story? Let’s begin!

This personal service will deliver a bio in three lengths based on your professional story. I’ll send you the first draft of your bio within two weeks of receiving your payment and interviewing you.

Remember; ‘you get out what you put in.’ Investing focused time and thought into your story will deliver the results you need.

Price $297.00

After two rounds of email (as I am based in Asia and Mike in North America), Mike came back with a perfectly written biography that I am just so very pleased with.

Hong Do, Operations DirectorVina Projects, Vietnam

Mike connects relevant experience and cuts through the clutter to produce a professional bio that sells. He is a great listener, which made the process of working with him very enjoyable.

Attila Woodward, Business StrategistWNG LLC

The turnaround time for content was quick, the process was easy, and the marketing suggestions given along the way were eye-opening. Thank you Mike! We are looking forward to working with you in the future.

Darcie Beyer, OwnerBeyer Imaging

I hired Mike to write my professional bio. His process and the end result were tremendous. He spent the time with me to really understand me, my practice, and my values.

Lynn McKelvey, Financial AdvisorTriLibrium Wealth Management

The final product exceeded my expectations. Mike took the time to get to know me, what made me tick and what I’m all about. Get Mike on your side, let him do the writing so you can work on your business.

Michael Martinez, OwnerAlamo Endurance

It’s time to Leverage Your Story With A Professional Bio That Will Boost Your Business, Reputation And Client Relationships.

This personal service will deliver a bio in three lengths based on your professional story. I’ll send you the first draft of your bio within two weeks of receiving your payment and interviewing you.

Remember; ‘you get out what you put in.’ Investing some time and thought into your story will deliver the results you need.

Price $297.00