Show your team how to write a bio in a single meeting

Get your entire team’s stories aligned behind your branding.

Is your “About” page pulling its weight?

  • Your customers want to know about you.
    For some of your prospects, emotion factors into their buying decisions. Before they choose to do business with your company, they want to know, like, and trust you. Your team’s professional bios provide an opportunity to connect emotionally and assert that you’re easy to work with. Maybe even fun.
  • Reinforce your brand and SEO.
    Is your work culture a part of your company’s brand? You bet. The same goes for your team. Every interaction they have with a client reinforces your brand’s promise, mission, and positioning. Why not project that alignment onto your website? And while you’re at it, take the opportunity to refine your site’s SEO; the content of your team’s bios could easily complement your brand’s SEO strategy.
  • Writer’s block is your opportunity.
    When it comes to writing your own bio, you’re the world’s foremost subject matter expert. That’s an asset and a liability. It’s perfectly normal to lose sight of the forest for the trees. For this simple reason, your competitors probably haven’t invested in their professional bios either. By writing a polished bio, you’re sharpening your competitive edge.

Are your target customers finding engaging, personable bios that will support their buying decisions? If not, your marketing strategy has a leak.

“How to Write a Bio that Sells” will kick-start your team’s professional bios.

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  • Engage your target audience on an emotional level.
  • Refine your online presence.
  • Leverage your marketing strategy.
  • Oil your sales funnel.
  • Blast through writer’s block.
  • Enrich team cohesion and communication.

With guidance from a professional bio writer, your team will generate engaging, personable bios that connect authentically with your target prospects, support your sales funnel, and differentiate your brand.


  • Define how a professional bio can support your specific marketing strategy.
  • Generate unique, relevant, and engaging material for each team member’s bio.
  • Kick-start the bio-writing process and get this off of your to-do list.

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The workshop is delivered to your team, in your office, at your convenience.

GET YOUR TEAM’S PROFESSIONAL BIOS OFF OF YOUR TO-DO LIST AND ONTO YOUR WEBSITE TODAY. Don’t miss this chance to plug a leak in your marketing strategy.

Your team’s bios will sound natural and authentic because of the workshop’s unique approach.


$200 – Workshop for up to 10 attendees.
$500 – Workshop for up to 10 attendees. Plus, personalized feedback and suggestions on each first draft (maximum 10) written after the workshop.

(Please inquire for rates above 10 attendees.)

50% deposit due to schedule the workshop.
Remaining 50% due on the day of the workshop.

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