Writing without rambling.

When we listen to a speaker, we always appreciate clear, concise language. Rambling is not welcome.
So why would we put up with anything less in writing?

How does this sentence take excess time to express itself?
In the 1970s, some of you may remember, there was an “oil crunch” in the United States. It was brought about by several historical factors, with the result being a large, rapid increase in the price of crude oil.

First, let’s eliminate ‘some of you may remember’. Regardless of memory, the ‘oil crunch’ happened.
Second, ‘was brought about by’ and ‘with the result being’ are lazy and bulky expressions. They’ve gotta go.

By slicing out the excess and merging what remains, we finish with a tighter sentence.

In the 1970s, several historical factors rapidly raised the price of crude oil, causing an “oil crunch” in the United States.